Travelling with a happygut

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First off, I would like to apologize for being MIA (missing in action people!) for an embarrassing amount of time. I have a valid excuse though! Sort of….

I was on vacation for 3 weeks! What kind of vacation do you have when you’re already FUNemployed you ask? An awesome one I say! We had a wedding in London, UK at the beginning of May and another wedding in Chisinau, Moldova (get your map out, right beside Romania 😉 ) at the end of May and so Irfan, my partner, and I decided to make a 3 week holiday out of it. It was a good idea 🙂

Now, I was super nervous about travelling – the last time I travelled I got Crohn’s for Pete’s sake! I am on a super strict diet which I could barely accommodate when I go out in Toronto, so how in God’s name was I going to survive in Zagreb?! Well let me tell you the good news my friends……it is totally doable! With a little preparation and discipline, I had a super happy gut vacation!

The Itinerary:


The Preparation:

I travelled with the following “just in case there is no happy gut food available”:

Vega Smoothie

Gluten Free Quick Oats

Homemade Granola (recipe to be posted!)



Irfan thought I was being overzealous for bringing all that I did. I thought I wasn’t bringing enough (I REALLY wanted to bring soy/almond milk but changed my mind last minute for the added weight). But let me tell you, even though I didn’t use ALL of the stuff I brought, I was hella glad I did for no other reason but for the peace of mind. Don’t forget that peace of mind helps to lead to a happy gut 🙂

We did manage to finish the quick oats and granola and I actually wished I had brought more! We did not, however, finish the vega smoothie. I barely used it. I’m glad I brought it but know now that I will use less next time. Because you have to mix the smoothie with water/milk, I found the granola is so much more handy and tasty (I love you Vega but you could improve in the taste department, let’s be real).

My Happy Gut Meals:

We stayed in hotels and with friends throughout the trip. The quick oats were perfect for breakfast! I would boil some water, make the oatmeal, add some soy or nut milk if I was able to get it where we were (I was impressed with YOU Malta!), flax, chia and granola. BAAM! A delicious and nutritious super power breakfast. It’s important to start your day with an awesome meal. Don’t settle just because your on vacation, make it happen!

Lunch and dinner we almost always ate out unless it was during the wedding days, in which case we ate wedding food. This is what I learned from eating out at a number of restaurants in different countries. Be nice to the waiters/waitresses my friends. They just may accommodate  or custom make a happy gut meal (thank you Caravan, an Uzbek restaurant in Chisinau!). If this fails, and it may, order a salad. Almost all restaurants will have salads. Now they may not be as fabulous as the kale+chard+avo+sunflower sprout+olive oil  salads (omigod, I’m drooling!) you enjoy at home but they will do and are better than the inflammatory alternatives on the menu.

Eat fresh fruits! Fruits are available everywhere – take advantage of this!

If you find good greens, don’t let the opportunity pass you buy! Spinach, arugula, kale, chard, are not so easy to come buy. If you find it, EAT it! You may not know when you will get to eat super healthy leafy greens again.Head lettuce (boooooring) is usually the name of the game for salads in restaurants. I found organic spinach in Nottingham, UK, bought 2 bags and ate them like it was the last spinach I would ever eat for the rest of my life. I even smuggled in into one of the weddings! Here is the picture to prove it:

So basically on our Euro-tour I ate super power nutritious delicious oatmeal for breakfast, ate salads, fish and anything else happy gut friendly at restaurants for lunch and dinner and had granola and fruits for snacks. I always had the Vega smoothie as a backup.

For next time, I will definitely bring the quick oats, granola and (a few scoops) of the vega smoothie. I may add some almond butter (which I was able to get in London and carry with me throughout the rest of my trip) or any other nut butter of your choice and some granola bars (the granola I made for the trip was actually intended to be bars but didn’t work out that way…. whaa whaa whaaa). I did some bring some Larabars (see pic below) which were really handy although a bit too expensive for me (about $1.50 per bar) – the few I did have I got as free samples 🙂 Next time, I will try to make my own!

In conclution, happygut travelling is totally and completely 100% doable. You and your gut deserve it, after all 😉

NOTE: if you are travelling to places where the drinking water may not be safe, DO NOT eat salads! You can eat fruits that that you can peal. Common sense, people 🙂