My HappyGut HappyBirthday Meal!


Wow, I’m not even going to try to apologize or justify my embarrassing more-than-one-off hiatus. I’m just going to jump right in and tell you about my HappyGut HappyBirthday Meal that was uhhhh (*imagine nervous sweat, itching neck*) in May?….

Anywho, here I go!

My friends, (love them to bits I do) aren’t really such HappyGut eaters and I’ve always wanted to show them that eating clean can also mean eating super tasty! It was for this reason (and because it was my party and I can do what I want to) that I wanted to make a super HappyGut meal for 20+ of my best pals.

Shout-out to my bestest pal (my life pal that is!) Irfan and his amazing-I-don’t-know-how-she-has-SO-much-energy-Mom (Mama Pirbhai) for their help! Papa Pirbhai also let us use their gorgeous house on the water (hells yea we’re spoiled!) and even ran out to get a food processor when it broke down in the mayhem the day before the big party. Props to you Papa Pirs!

The production for the party was absolutely bananers – between Irfan just finishing up 9 week intensive course, us subletting for the 3rd time in a matter of 2 months , and planning the party 3 days before the date – we were ill prepared to say the least!

Nevertheless, a HappyGut Birthday Meal was beckoned (by me 🙂 ) and so a HappyGut Birthday Meal was going to be delivered!

I wanted to include dishes that were made from scratch and that were vegan and gluten-free. I also wanted recipes that wouldn’t take TOO much time or prep.

We settled with the following:

Hummus + chips
Ruby beet dip
Cauliflower dip
Mushroom-almond pate

Side Dish
Sweet potato fries
Tofu popcorn

Kale salad
Hemp power salad

Main Dish
Lentil burgers
Veggie pasta

Banana chocolate-chip cake

The party menu was an absolute hit! I even sent some of my very carnivorish friends home with vegan burger care packs.

Score 1 for HappyGut lovers everywhere!!

Stay tuned for the recipe posts that well follow! 🙂