Weekly Menu #1

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Weekly Menu 1

My candida & parasite cleanse also requires that I alternate my grains and proteins on a 3-day rotation. This is kinda hard…. :S BUT what makes life easier is planning all my menus for the week! A couple of people have asked me to post my weekly dinner menus, so here is last week’s!

Monday Black-eyed beans with rye bread, avocado and steamed kale

Tuesday Tandoori tofu with quinoa, grilled zucchini and steamed collard greens

Wednesday Cholay, brown rice and steamed kale

Thursday Butternut squash soup with bean burgersoat bread, guacamole and spinach

Friday Yellow moong dal with quinoa and steamed chard

I give myself a break on the weekends and either eat frozen meals that I have in the fridge or I go to my Mom’s house for dinner 😛 Let me know if this is helpful and I can continue to post my weekly menus! Have a happygut week 🙂